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Ask questions, give answers

Ever run into a very specific problem that the internet just doesn't seem to have a direct answer for? There's a Guru for that. Gurus are the driving force behind Advice Link. Everyone has a unique skill to offer the world, and everyone has a question to be answered. From the art of Cooking to the depths of Web Development, the Mastery of Music to the drive of Fitness, if you have a question, there is an answer waiting,


Quality answers when you need them from people you can trust. Rate, review, get updates, and ask questions. Followers can get tips, news updates, and various blog posts from their favorite Gurus and followed skills.


Make some extra cash on the side and provide followers from all over the world a look inside your mind. Create blog posts, post tips, get paid to answer questions, level up, and unlock some awesome features... what more could you ask for?

Level Up

Gurus can show just how awesome they are by answering questions, getting ratings, leveling up, receiving badges, and unlocking custom content to show off and earn more followers.

Earn Money

When you sign up to become a Guru, and people start asking questions, you'll get paid to give an answer. Showcase your unique skill, and help others find their inner peace and to some extra cash on the side. After Gurus level up, they're awarded the opportunity to make even MORE money!

Share Thoughts

Advice Link is a means of social networking with some added perks on the side. Create blog posts, share tips, follow other Gurus and gain a following!

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